OUR process


First appointment

The first appointment is a procedure where we extract the cells from the patients then using the same process the body uses to differentiate cells we remap the chromosome so that we can produce any stem cell in the body.


Laboratory Prep

The stem cell that is the most powerful is the multi adult progenitor cell (MAPC) this cell is the equivalent of the embryonic stem cell as is to fetal development as the MAPC is to (somatic) body development and maintenance .


Second Appointment

Having the full array of unaged and undamaged stem cells we can produce any tissue in the body. These stem cells are placed in the region where they are found in the body.

The only unaged Stem with your own dNA.

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Having the only unaged stem cell with your own DNA, the immune system does not attack and destroy but is able to utilize these cells that are recognized a self. Embryonic stem cells just as it would for any foreign material are removed.